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The Best Online Games


Here are the best online games from the early 2000s, who recently passed from paid to own, to free to play.

To celebrate this end of the year that is approaching and warding off the arrival of the cold, there is nothing better than to immerse yourself, alone or with friends, in a massively multiplayer role-playing game. Possible disadvantage: the price of the game and the subscription. Fortunately, here are ten online games formerly, or recently, passed from “paid with subscription” to “Free2Play”, in other words, totally free to play! Enjoy it without restraint as everyone offers unlimited access to the universe with, however, some restrictions such as priority access to instances or paid virtual object stores.

Age of Conan

Age of Conan: Unchained plunges the player into the violent and brutal universe of Howard’s books on Conan The Barbarian. Play one of the three races of the game among Aquilonians, Cimmerians and Syrians then choose your character class from four general professions: prowlers, magicians, soldiers and priests. Then walk through the Lands of Hyboria, watching out for the dangers lurking on every street corner.

This online role-playing game offers multiple game modes and allows for free confrontations between players, regardless of race and in all areas. This “Free2Play” version gives access to the entire content with some restrictions regarding the access to the dungeons, the creation of characters – limited to 2 -, the management of its bank – little space-, etc.the premium formula of Age of Conan: Unchained unblocks All Access and offers not inconsiderable privileges.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Forge Your Own Star Wars saga and evolve into a massively multiplayer role-playing game with a rich and poignant scenario. Developed by BioWare (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Night, etc.) in collaboration with LucasArts, it explores a galaxy torn apart by the war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, thousands of years before the advent of Darth Vader. Take control of a Jedi, Sith or any of the other classes of the Star Wars universe and then make important decisions that will seal your destiny and your inclination to the dark or bright side of Force.

Available in a Free2Play version since November 15th, discover the game in its entirety and take part in the evolution of the war between the Sith and the Jedi. For free, players can enjoy instances, raids and player-against-player modes with numerous restrictions, often long charging times.

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Edited by NC Soft, Aion proposes to participate in a war in heaven between two factions of ancient gods. In this first world largely inspired by Japanese manga and Korean Manwha, take part in the war between the Asmodians and the Elysees, entities halfway between men and gods. Choose one of the two playable races and your first character class from the four available (warrior, thief, priest or magician) and then evolve your avatar through your first levels. Arriving at Level 10, you get your wings, your class specialization, and new assignments.

Oriented both player and player against Environment, Aion – Free 2 Play uses a resolutely free game system. Accessible free of charge with some limitations on instances and a virtual store of objects, this massively multiplayer role-playing game plunges players into the heart of a cold war especially in certain areas – the abyss-where can meet the two factions playable and a third, the Balaurs, played by the computer and particularly aggressive.

The Lord Of The Rings Online

Massively multiplayer online role play in the cult universe of Tolkien and its trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings Online allows evolving in the middle lands during the war for the ring. Create your avatar by choosing your race and your class and then go on the paths, from quest to quest. Meet other players and work with them on some more complex assignments. Bond with other enthusiasts and ransack all the dungeons and other raids in the universe.

This MMORPG offers hours of exploration of all the cult regions of the world of films or novels. You take part in all the Great Wars of the Lord Of The Rings and must prevent the evil invasion of Sauron and his Orcs. The game is free with some restrictions and an online store to customize its characters.

EverQuest II : Halas Reborn

With EverQuest II: Halas Reborn, players dive into a Heroic Fantasy universe where simple adventures often take the form of an epic tale. With a vibrant and vibrant community, this ancestor of massively multiplayer role-playing games offers an immense world full of exhilarating places, mysterious lands, intense battles and extraordinary exploits. Start by creating your avatar by choosing class and race and then evolve from quests to quests and fights to fights. Each of the classes or races allows a different approach to the game with the possibility to embody a specialty centered around the role of tank, caregiver / support or ruthless assassin.

Available for free, this “Free to Play” version of EverQuest II promises intense adventures without breaking its piggy bank. The game also features a virtual store to improve the character’s style or get unique items and offers a paid access without any restrictions.