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Video Games Emulators

Since the advent of video games in the 1970s, this market has followed a long evolution to become a mature industry that moves more money than cinema and music combined. Overall, these decades’ hundreds of real jewels have appeared, which the young public is entirely unaware of. Fortunately, interest in classic video games has gained a lot of strength in recent years.

But the original consoles get ruined over time. Fortunately, video game enthusiasts from all over the world have created with their effort and often disinterested, an alternative: emulators. How to play?

Emulators are the basis of:

  • The “Virtual Consoles” integrated into the modern consoles themselves.
  • The remakes of classic consoles, like the Nintendo Mini.
  • The possibility of running these video games freely on our PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Super Nintendo Snes9x emulator running on Windows

An emulator is a program that allows us to run these classic games on a machine different from the original one, for example, a PC, tablet, smartphone. To know what we are talking about and how we can play our favorite classic games anywhere, I invite you to read the following articles:


Where to play? PC, smartphone, or tablet?

For years it was already possible to play most classic video games on any PC, either under Windows, Linux or MacOS. However, the world of emulation has been booming in recent years, thanks to the increased power of mobile devices. Currently, any mid-range smartphone or tablet can run games smoothly from most classic platforms, making them accessible to many more people.

This also allows us to play these games anywhere, not just on the PC or on a console connected to the living room TV. Consoles designed primarily to play classic games through emulators have even appeared. The novelties appear Day by day, multiplying the possibilities. Today we have all these options to enjoy our classic games anywhere:

If you are ready to travel through time, here are the best retro-gaming console emulators for tablets and smartphones with Android and iPhone.

  1. PPSSPP – PSP emulator (Free) – PSP Emulator

The PlayStation Portable Simulator, with its fun name playing portable, does what it says: it simulates a suitable environment for playing portable PSP games. It supports multiple architectures and operating systems for several portable devices. As such, PPSSPP is not just for desktop users and Android enthusiasts, but for anyone with a mobile device who wants to play.

PPSSPP can also improve the textures of devices with higher resolution screens. Saved games can be transferred from your PSP and accessed from PPSSPP, allowing you to continue with some long and unfinished playthroughs.

  1. Snes9x EX + (Free) – super Nintendo emulator

Snes9x EX + is another first-level emulator, this time for the series of Super Nintendo consoles based on the Snes9x desktop emulator.

The application comes with a lot of features, such as Save support, configurable virtual gamepads, Bluetooth support and external drivers such as Wiimote and a screen capture function.

Solid emulation and extensive support for a variety of room formats. SMC and. Sfc makes Snes9x EX + a great free option.

  1. Retro Arch (free)

Retro Arch is not just a unique emulation of a pack of emulators. Retro Arch emulates almost all classic game consoles, whether produced by Sega, Nintendo or Sony, as well as other specialized platforms such as SNK NEO GEO, NEC Turbografx and Bandai Wonder Swan. It even handles particular personal computer environments for Doom WADs and SCUMMVM.

Retro Arch is a great place to start when looking for that program to run a lot of games. It includes support for Bluetooth or USB drivers and configurable touch controls, as well as standard functions such as saving states, rewind and moving quickly.